How Celebrity Endorsements Boost Sales

How Celebrity Endorsements Boost Sales

 Many brands and small businesses would love to have  a famous celebrity or social influencer endorse their brand, however, many are unaware of the appropriate way to go about making it happen.  Here’s some information to consider if you’re interested in investing in celebrity endorsements for your brand.

A celebrity endorsement of a product or brand has the potential to launch a little known brand into the furthest reach of the inter webs–often resulting in a noticeable increase in sales.  For some reason, people trust products that celebrities are cool with–so when celebs are feeling your brand–their fans are feeling it too.  This is why many business owners choose to invest in celebrity endorsements.  However, choosing the right celebrity, and actually making contact with the celebrity is not something that should be taken lightly.

Being choosy with who you select to be your celebrity partner  is crucial in getting an actual return on your investment (ROI).The rates will vary based on the level of celebrity –and some celebrities are simply off limits to the average Jane or Joe with a small business.  Luckily, due to the popularity of social media,  the majority of celebrities are  accessible, and promote brands often through their social media profiles– for a price.


This is where a good PR firm comes into play.  While it is very possible for a brand or company to contact a celebrity on their own merits–using a PR firm as the voice of your pitch often yields better results.  PR firms often have inside access to celebrity contact information, the ability to pitch your brand in a tone that the celebrity (or their representative) will respond to, and ultimately–it just looks better.

So, if you are considering investing in a celebrity endorsement, here are a couple fo things to keep in mind.

Celebrities Love Free Stuff

swag-1Hooking up with a PR firm that does celebrity gifting suites is an awesome and cost effective way to get your merchandise in the hands of celebrities.  If there is one thing we’ve learned from watching Keeping up With the Kardashians, it’s that celebrities make a lot of appearances.  Many of the events attended by celebrities and other public figures provide swag bags to their attendees, filled with goodies.  You want to know what kind of goodies are in those swag bags?  An array of products from brands just like yours, that’s what! Using a PR firm to get access to these gift bags often results in a reduction of cost–due to the relationships many PR firms have with the event planners.  Cost varies .among firms, but the average investment needed to get your product in the swag bag can range anywhere from $40 to a few hundred dollars.

Sending a Direct Message or Tagging Celebs in the Comment Section is a Waste of Time

Okay, it happens all the time–and honestly it’s cringe worthy. You’re browsing through your Instagram and you come across a post from one of your favorite celebrities.  It won’t be long before you come across more than a few people promoting their brands in the comment section.  The odds that the celebrity will actually see that comment, however, is exponential.

Most of the time celebrities are on their personal social media platforms for the same reasons as you and I– to pass time away and be entertained.  They’re not on there to do business–and posting a slew of promotional content in THEIR comment section is a great way to get you ignored and even blocked if it happens too much. Investing in the services of a PR firm can increase your chances of actually getting the attention of the celebrity, due to the fact that PR firms often have access to the appropriate personnel within the celebrity’s management team who handles such requests.  They can also advise you whether or not an endorsement would conflict with any other endorsements the celebrity may already have in place.

Let’s be real–if Rihanna has an endorsement deal with a major cosmetics brand–more than likely the terms of her contract with said cosmetics brand will likely preclude her from publicly endorsing any other cosmetic brand–even if it is a smaller business.   PR firms typically have the resources to research this information prior to the pitch–saving the brand valuable time and effort.

Investing in Your Brand Is Key To Its Success

business-15721_1280.jpgMany people are put off by the amount celebrities and other public figures charge to promote a brand on their social media. This is unfortunate–because when done correctly, these sort of endorsements can more than double your sales just on that individual’s word alone.  That’s power–and to be honest it’s power your brand simply doesn’t have–which is why it will cost (often in the thousands).  So, if you aren’t at the stage where you can afford a celebrity endorsement–then you may want to save up for it–but in most cases, this type of marketing strategy almost always gets a return on the investment.

Ultimately,  utilizing the social reach of celebrities and other influencers is an excellent marketing strategy.  Whether you choose to use celebrity gifting or social media promotion–consulting with a professional is best before making your investment. Ensuring that you invest strategically and with proper guidance will better ensure you meet your sales goals.

Have you ever utilized a celebrity or social influencer to promote your brand or company?  If so, what were the results?


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